• Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel”

    ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~ 


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     Welcome to my speech and language page!

    My name is Mrs. Malvagna and I am one of the speech-language pathologists at PS 160.  I work with students from kindergarten to 5th grade .  Feel free to browse the different speech and language topics/resources on my page.  If you have any questions about your child's speech and language skills, please feel free to contact me at Vmalvagna@schools.nyc.gov .
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    Speech Umbrella

    Speech therapy focuses on both speech & language disorders:  
    A speech disorder is when a child has a difficult time producing specific sounds. If a child has many speech sound errors, their overall speech could be very difficult to understand.
    A language disorder is when a child has a difficult time with the meaning of words and sounds. Examples of language disorders include when a child has a difficult time
    Understanding what is being said
    Relating ideas
    Expressing their thoughts or feelings
    A language delay is when a child is developing skills in the correct order, but at a slower rate.
    What do we work on in speech therapy? 
                                                                                     •Phonemic awareness
                                                                                       •Following directions
                                                                            •Listening and Reading Comprehension
                                                                                        •Auditory processing
                                                                                            •Wh questions
                                                                                     •Vocabulary/word finding
                                                                                       •Grammar/writing skills
                                                                                            •Narrative skills
                                                                                              •Pragmatic skills
      “Vocabulary is critical to the acquisition of both spoken language and reading.” -Judy Montgomery

    Vocabulary Apple

    Useful tools: