• Remote Physical Education Learning for PS 160 Community

    Good morning PS 160 Community. We are here today at the school getting our online PE platform ready. Stay tuned in the coming days for details about how to access physical education activities that you and your family members can safely do from the confines of your home. 

    In the meantime, please keep washing your hands, maintain social distance, keep your hands away from your faces, and listen to your grown ups.

    If you are feeling up to it, go ahead and dance along with one of your favorite Go Noodle Videos, practice some curl ups or push ups, or stretch out those tight muscles. For a quick 5 minute challenge, you can try out this Old Town Road Tabata challenge. Right click the hyper link below and follow the prompts on the video. You can choose which activity you want for each interval. Have fun!

    Old Town Road Tabata Workout

    Here are some helpful videos about handwashing. Right click on the hyperlinks below and you can see the videos. Remember, if you're tired of singing the ABC's, go ahead and sing any song that's 20 seconds long or longer.


    Hand Washing Video


    Remember, exercising dailly will help to boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

    See you soon in the virtual classroom,

    Mrs. Monte and Mrs. Draxdorf



    Welcome to Physical Education

     Mrs. Monte & Mrs. Draxdorf; Ms. Romeo

    Our goal is to teach your children the basic skills and concepts they will need to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
    This year we will be focusing on improving communication skills and learning to work together through games and sports using a TEAMWORK approach.
    So far, this year, we have learned cooperative games like "Castle Ball" and "Clean Up the Gym" that have allowed us to practice our throwing and catching skills, while problem solving and strategizing.
    We have practiced dribbling, passing, and scoring with basketballs and our hands and are now exploring those concepts using soccer balls with our feet. We will play fun games to learn and develop the core values of soccer: ball control/passing, possession, and finishing. Throughout this unit, we will continue to strive for personal best, as we build self-confidence, demonstrate cooperation, improve conentration, and achieve greater discipline. Soccer Core Values
    A pair of rolled up socks can make a super substittute for a soccer ball inside the house. Your children can practice dribbling, passing, juggling, and scoring without fear of knocking into furniture.
    As the weathr becomes increasingly warmer, if conditions permit, students should make an effort to venture outside and try out some of the soccer skills they are learning in class. The park and playground is a great place to meet up with friends and play soccer together. Additionally, students can take a ball, of any size, outside and dribble it around in front of their houses.
    Please be sure to discuss with your child the importance of street safety.
    Some basic rules to follow:
    1. Always stay in the safe play zone established by your grown up (ie. between the fire hydrant and Sarah's house).
    2. Stay on the sidewalk - if a ball rolls out into the street, wait for it to roll to the side of the curb and then pick it up. If the ball lands on the opposite side of the street, follow rules for crossing the street, look both ways, get a grown up to cross you, or ask someone on the other side of the street to toss you the ball.
    3. Follow the light cues. If it gets dark, it's either getting late or the weather might be changing. This is a good time to head home and inside.
    4. Stay in contact with your grown up. Keep in eye sight of your grown up. If you are old enough to be out without a grown up, take a fully charged cell phone and check in with your grown up: when you arrive at the park, before you head home, and every hour or so.
    5. Stay alert. If you have a problem, go home, call home, or get the help of a grown up you know. If you have an EMERGENCY call 911! 
    You can help your kids with their learning by asking them about the games they are playing in Physical Education class. Take a look at the video links with more fun soccer ideas and information and share stories of soccer memories from your childhood. Also, please make sure they come to school prepared to engage in high energy physical activity on their scheduled PE day. All students MUST wear sneakers on PE day. Other shoes are unsafe and can cause students to trip and fall. Also, sweat pants and a short sleeved t-shirts are suggested as the PE uniform. As the weather gets warmer, layer your children's clothing with the short sleeved t-shirt under the long sleeved layers. We want students to be able to remove outer layers to prevent over heating during PE play. PE uniform pieces are available for immediate purchase from limited stock supplies or can be ordered through the PE department. Please reach out to Mrs. Monte to request pricing or order forms.

    Students in fourth and fifth grade have completed nearly all of the testing components of FITNESSGRAM. We still need to assess their upper body strength for the push up test. Students should continue to practice the FITNESSGRAM curl ups, push ups, trunk lift, and sit and reach at home. These can all be done safely in a small, indoor space. During the next 2 months, students will be able to use their FITNESSGRAM data to further develop personal learning goals in PE. They will work to improve the level of health related fitness and can request to be retested in any area of FITNESSGRAM in which they feel they have made significant improvements. Students' individual results will be available later this Spring. We will let you know when you can log on to the schools.nyc.gov parent portal to retrieve these results. Meanwhile, information regarding the FITNESSGRAM evaluation tool can be found using the link on this page. 


    Mrs. Monte  Mrs. Draxdorf