• Welcome To  2-209



    Dear parents and guardians,

    Welcome to class 2-209! After a long summer break, we finally got back to school for a brand-new school year!

    This year, students will be learning Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, and Native Language Arts with me in the classroom. Students also have Physical Education with Ms. Monte, Civics with Ms. Romeo, and Science with Ms. Papeo.  During the lessons, students will be learning in a large group or be divided into small groups.  Sometimes, students will partner up with a friend to discuss questions or simply to share their reading or writing together.  We have planned a variety of creative learning activities for students.  I hope that your child will be inspired to learn and have fun in school every day.

    Our class is planning a Parent Involvement Day next month. On that day, you will see your child’s classroom for the first time. You will watch how they learn in class and how much they have grown and developed academically since September.

    Hope to see you all!

    Best regards,

    Ms. Chiu