•                                          SETSS
                Special Education Teacher Support Services
                                                                                                           Mrs. Attina
                                  Mrs. Attina 308X 
                     SETSS is a service provided to give students additional support in Reading, Writing, and Math.
                    Students who receive SETSS services meet between 3-5 times per week in a smaller classroom setting.
                    We work on skills and strategies that will help the children to:
                    meet the NYS Common Core  Standards, to reach their IEP goals, and to better understand the classroom curriculum.
                    During SETSS sessions, lessons are taught by breaking strategies down into smaller parts and steps.
                    We repeat, review and explain until students have independently mastered the strategies taught.
                   We use differeniate and modify lessons using techniques and tools to support all children and their individual needs.
                                                                We incorporate all methods of learning including:
                                                                             Types of Learners