• 2016-2017 Clubs


    Advanced Chess Club

    Mr. Lauro guides students in strategic thinking through the game of chess. Instructor- Mr. Yury Lapshun, international Chess Master. The Chess Club members are frequent winners at weekend tournaments around the city.


    Beginner Chess (Grade 2)

    The beginner chess club gives students who have no experience with chess the opportunity to learn the foundations and rules of the game.  Our goal is for the member of the club to participate in tournaments and learn how to gracefully win and lose a chess game while having fun!  This club is led by Ms. Majchrzak and Ms. Skorka. 


    Book Club (Grade 2)

    In Book Club, students will work in groups based on their interest in books.  In these groups the students will read and have a job to do while reading.  After they read, they will share what they thought about the book and have a respectful discussion.   This club is led by Ms. DeLucrezia. 


    Book Club (Grade 3)

    Students will read a variety of book series using different reading strategies.  Students will then conduct projects to further develop their comprehension.  This club is led by Ms. Lamberti. 


    Cheerleading Club

    During cheerleading club, the students learn the importance of being on a team and having school spirit.  They practice stretching, different types of jumps and simple stunts.  Lastly, they learn cheers that show our P.S. 160 school spirit! Cheerleading Club is led by Ms. Grosetto and Ms. Perrone. 


    Chinese Characters and Culture

    Students will be able to learn how to read and write Chinese.  Through learning the Chinese characters, it will foster students' appreciation for the Chinese culture.  This club is led by Ms. Tan and Ms. Huang. 


    Chinese Dance Club

    Ms. Jin, Ms. Lew and Ms. Chung help students learn different dances from small providences of China. They expose the students to different music and teach them various dance movements.


    Construction/ Lego Club

    In Construction/ Lego Club, the students and teachers discuss various structures and how they think the structures were built.  Students are then provided with legos, blocks, magna blocks, etc. to build with.  This club is ran by Ms. Stroming and Ms. Gargano.  


    Crafts for a Cause 

    Students will make different kinds of crafts together and after they are finished, students will sell their creations.  The club will donate the money they earned to different causes, like Relay for Life. Please show support by buying their creations! Thank you! This club is led by Ms. Mui and Ms. Crowley.


    Dance Club

    Students use their bodies to tell stories, express ideas and feelings and create visual moving pictures. Mrs. Monte and the students explore various dance genres, including modern, ballet, jazz, hip hop and folk dance.  Dance club students perform at school and community events throughout the year.  


    Drama/ Scenery Club

    The students and teachers of Drama Club have been working very hard to prepare for a performance of Aladdin (taking place in June). This club is led by Ms. Abbate and Mr. DeRosa.  Ms. Penello will also be helping the Drama Club with the set, scenery and costumes. 


    French Club

    The purpose of the French Club is to promote the language and cultures of French speaking countries. The club will allow students to be exposed to another culture and language. This club is led by Ms. Tawdrous.


    Girls' Running Club

    The Girls' Running club is for girls third through fifth grade.  They exercise, set goals, and discuss healthy lifestyle choices. This club is led by Ms. Markes and Ms. Sacca.


    Jewelry Making Club

    Students make jewelry using various materials including string, beads, and paper. They learn how to make different kinds of origami and then connect the paper to hooks, string and thread to make jewelry. This club is led by Ms. Lo.



    The students will learn about myths that people created trying to explain natural phenomena. For example, how the seasons came to be.  They will learn about Hercules, Theseus and the Minotaur as well as Perseus and Medusa.  This club is led by Ms. Dourakis. 


     PALS (Peer Assisted Learning)

    PALS are 4th and 5th graders who have been asked to play a very important role in our school community. They are peer tutors who are acting as leaders, role models, and as community helpers. They have been entrusted with the responsibility to support our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders in their journey to progress and to succeed both academically and socially. The PAL Program was designed to assist our younger students in reading and math and to model appropriate behavior. The peer tutors also benefit from the program by giving back to their community and practicing skills that will prepare them for the future. This club is led by Mrs. Attina.


    Social Games Club

    Social games is a club where children will have fun and learn how to get along with others in social situations.  This club is led by Ms. O'Leary. 


     Softball Club

    In Softball Club students learn the fundamentals of baseball and softball. They learn the importance of being on a team and being a team leader. Softball Club is led by Ms. Bogan and Ms. Troise.



    Students use the engineering design process to solve problems presented to them.  This is done through hands on activities related to science technology, engineering and math.  They work cooperatively to solve those problems which builds discussion and critical thinking.  This club is led by Ms. Pistilli and Ms. Draper. 



    In technology club, students will be trained to trouble shoot Smart Boards, laptops and tablets so they can serve as "technology experts" in their classroom and for the school.  Students will also learn how to create and read QR codes, create IMovies and improve their typing skills.  This club will allow students to have access to technology as a learning tool. It will also allow students to develop skills that are  necessary to think independently and to function confidently and productively in our technologically changing society.  This club is led by Ms. Macready.


    Visual Arts Club

    Art Club is an enrichment club where talented students work to hone their skills and explore their passion. We use many different mediums and create paintings and masks from plaster wrap. It's always a fun and rewarding experience. This club is led by Mrs. Penello.


    Zumba is a dance fitness program. It involves dance and aerobic movements through different types of music. Zumba is led by Ms. Palazzo.












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