•  P.S. 160 Mission Statement

    • All children at P.S. 160 will grow and learn with the help of our families, teachers and school community. Together we will work hard to achieve rigorous standards, celebrate each individual and create a caring environment which lays the foundation for college and career readiness.


    P.S. 160 Vision

    • P.S. 160 is a community of learners who are committed to helping each child reach their personal best. Our educators seek opportunities to grow in their craft and share best practices. We recognize and value the contribution of our parents/guardians as fellow educators of their children. Our ongoing conversations are centered on our belief that every individual has the fundamental right to a quality education based on rigorous academics infused with the arts and an understanding of citizenship and community service.


    Instructional Focus

    • P.S. 160's Instructional Focus

      *Evidence Based Language*

      Oral: Supporting our statements in group and partner discussions

      Reading: Using the evidence from the text to increase comprehension

      Writing: Using text evidence to support our writing